Get Your Dream Bathroom With Affordable Handyman Help


Picture-perfect expansive bathrooms with designer tiles and floorings adding oodles of charm are reserved for mansions and lavish penthouses for those that can afford them. This is not to say that the limited space of your bathroom cannot be transformed into a refreshing island that is visually stunning too. Even a limited budget can bring about the desired transformation with the help of an Affordable Handyman that has experience in the job.

Once you have decided whether you wish to make a total change in the layout or incorporate changes in the material and accessories, you can proceed with the planning of the renovation. You will, however, have to keep in mind that a change in the drainage and plumbing calls for necessary permissions and will also incur more costs.


Tips to keep in mind

Whatever be your choice here are some options that will help in enlivening your small bathroom adding much style to your living:

1> Choose light-colored wall tiles like white, azure blue or any appealing shade of pink for the large wall space and complete the look with a contrasting highlight on a smaller space to add to the dramatic look.

2> Change your existing floor-mounted toilet and vanities to wall-mounted ones. This is a sure way of adding more visual space to any area.

3> Given narrow corridor like bathroom spaces, opt for slim and elongated sinks and tailor-make a vanity around it allowing the sink to protrude slightly if necessary instead of covering more inches.

4> Make a lavish use of glass and mirror when making over a small bathroom space as it another sure way of making the space look larger, lighter and more airy.

5> If you are opting for medicine cabinets over the countertop, place mirrors on its doors to help reflect and enlarge it visually. You can also place wall to wall mirror on a select wall instead of tiles if needed.

6> Instead of demarcating the shower area with rods and curtains, opt for glass doors that will give a visual continuation and reflect the color of the tiles.

7> In case there is a lack of natural light in your bathroom, the best way to make it appealing it to place lights over the mirror area that will reflect the light and enliven the place.

Local handyman service providers that are licensed and bonded with several years of experience too can be helpful in carrying out such renovations keeping in mind your limited resources and time. You can call Up-Right Handyman and Construction for an initial free consultation to get your dream bathroom project rolling!