How Much Does A Handyman Charges?


If you have finally decided that you need to hire a handyman, then you must know that there are few things that you have to take into your consideration. These factors apparently act as a deal maker or a deal breaker. And one of these important factors is the amount that your concerned handyman would be charging. Though there are several affordable handymen in Buda, hiring someone who provides flawless services at affordable prices is something that you have to look out for.

Handymen rates vary as per their services and experiences. Thus you may have to consult with few of them before hiring a one. Those who work for themselves set their own rates. Most of the handymen are quite affordable and provide services at relatively low prices when compared to what an electrician or plumber charges. In rural areas, the average rate of a handyman varies from $30 to $50 for an hour whereas the same goes around $40 to $60 when you are hiring in an urban area. This is applicable for self-employed handymen.

In other cases, when you hire a professional handyman company, you are likely to pay around $60 to $120 for an hour. This totally depends on the type of work and the handyman you are demanding. Also, there are always some kinds of additional charges. Thus, you are recommended to inquire all the possible queries before hiring them.

Also, you must not forget that few jobs are really complex and take a lot of efforts and time as well. Thus, you should compare those works with an ordinary one. Always prefer quality over quantity.

It might happen that a handyman/company may charges you a little less than what you had expected, that does not mean that they are not worth hiring for. Likewise, if you are paying a high amount, that doesn’t guarantee a flawless work. Thus, include other factors while finalizing one for you.

There are several affordable and best handymen in Austin; you just need to take out a little time to look for. All the best!


Handymen are, no doubt, a very important resource for our society. They do anything, and everything and this is what they are known for. But an important factor that affects your decision of hiring a particular handyman is the amount that you need to pay. Continue to read to know the average amount that a handyman charges.