Why Attic Insulation Should Be Given Top-Priority


There are very few Americans who love the idea to climb the attic for doing the cleaning and maintenance. Attic cleaning is probably the least favorite job for most of the homeowners. But you need to keep in mind that the attic area serves an important function to your home’s ability to keep cool or warm. That’s why it becomes really essential that you conduct basic attic maintenance to improve both comfort and safety of your house.   

According to the professional handyman in Buda, a faulty ventilation system could lead to moisture and heat buildup in the attic that may increase the overall heat of your living space during summer. Moisture and attic temperature can bring a whole range of problems such as water streaks on interior walls, delaminating roof sheathing, and rotting of wood framing.


The following is a list of ventilation options homeowners can go for their residential attic space:

Attic Fan Ventilation- Installing an attic fan is perhaps the finest way to cool off the house and save on utility bills. Attic fan pushes hot air outside and draws in cooler outside air from attic vents.   

Ridge Vent Placed along the ridge line of the house, the ridge vent is a type of ventilation. Expert handyman in Buda also suggests checking the vents are properly attached to the walls and roof.

Rafter Vents- The installation of rafter vents will make sure that the attic floor is covered completely and there are no air leaks. It enhances the performance of your insulation.


Your attic most likely has some form of insulation already, just make sure that the insulation does not cover soffit vents. Air must circulate freely through the vents to help keep your attic dry. Over time, insulation can get damaged. Any insulation that is compressed or has water stains will need to be replaced. At Up-Right Handyman & Construction, we deliver the most valuable handyman services to our clients in Buda. We are just a phone call away to solve your insulation requirement on your attic room. For a quick a response call Up-Right Handyman- (512) 676-8007